If only they could have asked someone….

I’ve mentioned before the challenges of being illiterate in Japan. We’re in Okinawa prefecture, which is veering a bit off the usual tourist track. That means a little less English. Wi-Fi on the fly and Google translate helps a bit. But – it is a challenge.

That is one reason why I have sympathy for people dealing with the opposite situation.

The folks who made the sign for this hotel, for instance….

Mr Google notes that this is the Hotel Tulip. Their own website says that they are the Hotel Tulip. In Japanese ‘tulip’ is チューリシプ pronounced chuurippu. So close…

I wonder if the restaurant nearby used the same sign maker as the hotel:

One little letter, and yet it makes all the difference……

Of course there are times when I can’t really tell – is the misspelling deliberate?

There’s a t-shirt that sets an intention before the party begins!

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