Osaka – not just about the food.

When were were in Osaka in 2015 one of the things we did was visit their excellent aquarium. They have whale sharks in their main tank, which is pretty amazing. Out front of the aquarium is a life size statue of the whale shark and people line up for pictures. Wilf joined the line and when his turn came this happened:

There were some grandmothers watching and their hands flew up to cover their mouths so fast but I saw them – they were laughing!

When we arrived this time the plaza was all wrapped up in scaffolding – I guess they heard Lambo-san was coming and they didn’t want any more in-decorous behaviour!

We joined the hordes of school groups

The building has a seven or eight story tank in its centre with a walk way that spirals around. On the outside of the spiral are other tanks highlighting different animals and environments and the big guys live in the huge central tank.

And while we were there we checked out the giant Ferris wheel.

It was a great day for a smooth and silent ride above the city.

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