Greetings from my backyard

Back in the first week of March, when we were sweatily clambering through the jungles of Cambodia I would remind myself – ‘This is out of your comfort range, but soon it will be different. You will be back in your cool coastal rainforest and you will remember this adventure fondly’. The last bit is true, but wow! How things have changed.

When I flipped the calendar over to April I realized that the calendar was now a decorative, not a functional object. The only items on it are the recycling and garbage pick up days. And we are very grateful that those services are still operating. But, living on a dead end street with only four houses on it means it is very quiet. Self isolation is rather the norm up here on our hill. I must admit that I’m startled when I go into town to see how many people are, in fact, out and about.

We are very lucky – we can stay home. We can arrange things so that we go out for groceries every other week. We can drive a short distance to go for a walk on the path around the airport, giving us a brief change of scenery and some exercise beyond what get walking up and down our driveway. I’m baking bread, and yes, I’ve got sourdough starter underway. I am anxious about my parents, but their situation seems to be stable right now. Other family members are working from home and everyone is staying in touch.

So – rather than be a blog about our travel adventures this will be about our at home adventures. There are things to make, things to bake and a garden to tend to. I’ll be back to report on what we’re up to.

And until then – the view from the back door.

Early spring