Veni Vidi Vici

And another Times Colonist 10k is done and dusted.

Once again I took part of the training clinic this winter. The training is great, and it gets me out and about. Yeah Panamanianiacs! I’ve done the clinic and the 10k 7 times now. Getting older, but not faster!

I felt like I was under trained this year – life kind of got away from me for a bit. But – off I went this morning with about 8000 other souls. Perfect day for it – no rain, no sun, no wind. Cool but not cold.

Before the race:

Got myself seeded in the right place to start.

Then everyone else showed up – people behind me:

And even more people in front of me:

It took almost 7 minutes from when the starting gun sounded until I crossed the start line.

1:39 later I was done. It was a great race and I did better than I expected. Hence the happy shiny face at the finish line:

I guess it’s time to sign up for the next one – Sidney Seaside 8k in September – anyone else interested in joining me?

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