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We’ve lived here for eighteen years, but that doesn’t mean we know about all the things going on in our neighbourhood.

Case in point – driving home this morning we passed a house and there was a woman standing in the driveway holding the halter of a horse. ‘I didn’t know they kept horses there’, I said. How did we not notice? Then we saw the horse trailer. And also on the driveway – a farrier’s truck. What! It turns out that one of our neighbours has a business as a farrier – looking after the feet of horses and their metal shoes. Who knew!

Here’s the ever patient Gracie, waiting for her new shoes to be measured and installed:


Have you seen a farrier’s truck before? Here is one open for business:


Racks of shoes, grinding equipment, a portable forge, an oven. We had seen the truck all closed up many times and not known what it was (closed up it sort of looks like a food truck…..)

It takes a lot of steps to get the shoes just right – lots of hammering and filing and adjusting:


And then when it is just right – installation time.


How much fun is that?


And while we’re on the subject, here’s a link to a very interesting article about the farriers who look after the horses of the New York City Police Department mounted patrol. When a police horse needs its feet attended to the farriers come to them, right on the street – that would be something to see. But it turns out that we have our own version here in North Saanich!

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