The third time around

We had one day in Singapore – enough time for some revisits and a couple of new things. After gawking at the luxury shops on Orchard Street we headed to a Malaysian restaurant Wilf had read about. Found it without trouble, waited in line and then discovered that the cafeteria style service was all in Malay, served by people who didn’t speak English. So – we pointed at things that looked good and settled in.

I think western tourists are not that common. We attracted a fair amount of friendly attention, and comments about the spicy food. In fact one gal stopped to chat, looked at Wilf’s plate and told him to be very careful of the bones in the fish. Then she saw the chili sauce. ‘Oh no,’ she said. ‘That is not for English people. Too hot’ and took the spoon out of his hand and scraped it to one side where it would not hurt him. We had a whole fish, some skate, some calimari, unknown to us green veg, coconut milk soup, rice and iced coffees for about $20.00. We considered it a great success.

After lunch we walked a bit and then took a cab to Little India. We must have looked particularly sweaty and disheveled because as we getting out of the cab the driver was calling after us ‘ Walk slowly! Drink water! We walked a bit and looked at the gold jewelry on offer.

What do you think – just the thing for coffee in Sidney?

Both previous visits to Singapore included trips to the Gardens by the Bay but we had never been at night. Now we’ve done that. Very impressive light show with music. People pretty much lay anywhere to watch. We were glad to find a spot to sit – even in my grubby sweaty state I wasn’t prepared to lay down on the walkway. Besides – what if I couldn’t get up again?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes Sharon and Wilf’s adventures across the Indian Ocean. Over 8000km, 35 days on board. It has been a blast. A long day of travel tomorrow and we’ll be home again.

Author: Sharon

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