An intelligent city?

We stopped in Malaysia at Port Klang. Kuala Lumpur is about 90 minutes inland. We’d been there before and decided to see what other options were available. Around 20years ago the government decided to move its administrative offices out of the crazy of KL, and built themselves a new city. It is called Putrajaya and is heralded as an intelligent city, designed to be Green and well planned. The kind of place people would want to live in.

We visited the very impressive botanical gardens. It was really really hot, so we were rather skulking through the shrubberies trying to avoid heatstroke.

We then went to see the main square, which is where the main mosque is located. Everything is beautifully landscaped, and there are a series of man made lakes, which makes for lovely vistas.

Faced with the choice between visiting the mosque and:

We went for the durian ice cream.

While the city and its buildings were very beautiful and dramatic the city seemed to suffer from the problem not uncommon to cities designed to impress- they are more lovely than liveable. The streets are so wide, the buildings so big and widely spaced that there are no people out and about. And it’s not just a question of the heat. Kuala Lumpur may be noisy, crowded and dirty – but it is alive!

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