In which I develop new skills

On the island of Lambok we hired a car, driver and guide for the day.

First up – pot making.


Of course a discussion of my hair was in order.


Then, on to weaving. Apparently a woman has to be able to demonstrate ability with weaving before she is considered marriageable. I guess I got it right because next up:


Sharon and Wilf dressed for a wedding.


There are several waterfalls in the high reaches of the island. There is one that all the coach tours go to. So of course we went to the other.


So beautiful. And refreshing in the punishing heat. Waterfall number two required a walk through the jungle.


Lots up. Lots of down.


A ‘bridge’.


Coffee trees.


More stairs!
At the end there were pools below the waterfall.


And the waterfall itself.


A little advice!


And, of course, the stairs to get back out. I was getting a little worried ’cause I just wasn’t sure that I could manage the trip back to where the car was. And it started to rain, too..


But when we got to the top of those stairs – hooray! Guys on bikes offering a taxi service. Man, I hopped aboard so fast!  I must admit that I kept thinking as we roared along this rolling muddy track that I might just be an item on the back page of the newspaper ‘Local woman comes to a bad end in the jungle of Indonesia ‘.


But no, we were all delivered safe and sound – wet and breathless and exhilarated.


As they say – Woohoo!

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