Best laid plans, yada yada yada

After two days on Bali our next stop as to be Probolingo. The main event for that port is a long days excursion to see the volcanic Mt Bromo. The mountain has been active, which meant that we weren’t sure just how close we’d get, or what we’d see, but ‘hey – a volcano!’

The weather on this trip has been hot, some rain and lots of wind. Our day on Lambok was littered with fallen trees – we were keeping a close eye as we walked in the jungle. The plan for Bali was that the ship docked at the pier on Wednesday, and on Thursday morning they would move the ship to the outer harbour to accommodate our departure Thursday evening when the tide was low. Everyone was highly motivated to go ashore before they moved the ship and we were shoreside by 8:15.
After a long day exploring Bali we returned to the terminal and took a moment to see if we could catch some wifi. While we were sitting we heard the unmistakable sound of a ship’s horn very close by and looking through the door I could see the familiar looking blue hull of a large ship. We went outside, and sure enough the Volendam was parked right where we left her.
So, it turns out that the big winds are to continue, which would make the the tendering process unsafe (and having participated in a particular ‘exciting’ tendering in the Falklands I believe them) at Probolingo. So, an extra day at sea and we head for Singapore.
A lot of this going on

And this


Our room steward leaves us a towel animal each night. Some are cute



And every so often there is an odd one….


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