The magic box has arrived!

When we arrived at our hotel in Takamatsu yesterday there was a package waiting for us. Inside was this:

Not the cup of coffee! A portable wi-go generator!  We found the company on the internet (their main business is renting cell phones) and put in an order. And it worked. We shall see if we have reception once we leave the city, but it has already helped us find our way to a restaurant.
Japan Post handles the mail for the country, and I’m sure FedEx and Purolator and UPS have a presence, but for moving things around Yamamoto Transport are the guys. We see their trucks all over, but there are also fleets of motorbikes in the city.
This is a depot near us. Most convenience stores also take in packages.
See the oval with the black cat carrying a kitten.  That’s the company logo. It was on the envelope with our wi-if doodad and inside is a prepaid return envelope which we can drop at a 7-11 or at the airport. Very convenient. Apparently inexpensive, too. People use the service here when travelling to send their luggage ahead of them when travelling by train. Or if you over shop and don’t want to carry packages, or see something you want to give to someone- zoom! It is on its way.




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