Surfing town

Sydney is famous for its beaches and we figured we had to go for a look. For many people Bondi is the iconic beach, but we decided to go to Manly. Not only would we get a very nice ferry ride but a fellow Wilf knew from Sidney lives in Manly now so we could have a visit. 
The ferry docks on the harbour side at Manly – there’s a small town beach there. But a short walk up the pedestrianized street and – there – the wide open ocean. And a truly beautiful beach. 

Walking around the town, walking along the promenade, admiring the views – we were trying to decide what the town reminded us of. We decided it had the fun, fizzy energy of a place like Waikiki, but without the crazy and the development. Back in the day Manly was a place for Sydney folk to get away from the city and through some miracle they have not torn it all down and built hotels and condos all along the water. There are neighbourhoods with little brick cottages from the 1920’s and small 1930’s apartment buildings mixed in with more recent construction. 
This weekend was also the beginning of a week long surfing competition so the activity level was even higher than the usual summer Saturday. 

I know – I can hear you asking where all the people are. Big beach – seemed to be room for everyone, even viewing stands and VIP tents for the competition. 


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