I must admit that when it comes to Bulgaria – well, that’s all kind of a grey area. Wrestlers, right? Or maybe weight lifters? I don’t know much about the country, so when we were scheduled to put into port at Nessebur I didn’t really have any expectations. And a half a day visit isn’t enough to learn about an entire country. Considering the hardships of the Soviet years it seems like the country is trying hard to make their way.

This trip has also been an opportunity to learn about orthodox Christianity – different styles, new to us saints, different practices.
For instance, this fellow:
A thousand years ago his picture was painted on the wall of a tiny church in Bulgaria and he’s been dealing with those lions ever since.
Most of the churches in Nessebur are ruins, but work is being done to preserve what’s left to showcase the distinctive local style:
Part two of our tour was a wine tasting, which was entertaining. After it was all over we decided that the wine was competent, but not special. All French varietals, and really wouldn’t you rather drink a good version? Then again, at €6 per bottle….


Our guide’s enthusiasm for the wines she was sharing with us was worth the price of admission, though!




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