In the Flower Dome

After we left the trees in the Gardens by the bay we headed to two giant domes which contain gardens. Being that we are in a tropical city of heat and humidity it makes sense that the powers that be would create an enormous structure to house examples of Mediterranean climates and gardens – right?

The dome is constructed of a series of huge arches, from which the glass ceiling/walls are suspended. This allows for an enormous enclosed space with no pillars or supports – it alone is very impressive. First thing upon entering we saw a very impressive display of trees from the baobab family – examples from Argentina, Africa and Australia – all full grown. All interplanted with appropriate vegetation and supported with interesting pieces of art. Being the Easter season there were also seasonally appropriate flowers and decorations.

It was when we got to the area where they had olive trees that we were really stunned. Huge, ancient olive trees – hundreds of years old – a whole grove of them. Where did they get them and how did they get them here? The whole project is an example of what tons of money can do, I guess.

Given the staggering heat and humidity outside it was lovely inside, though I noticed many women huddled in shawls. Amazing and beautiful as it was – it was about to get even more so!

Author: Sharon

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