Day two in Singapore left us speechless, gawping like real bumpkins. I hardly know how to tell you all about it, and I fear that the pictures won’t nearly tell the story, but here goes…

We set off for the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ (you need to ask Mr. Google about this one for the full story..). First clue should have been the subway connection. To pass under the 6 lane highway we took an underground walkway the was probably four car lanes wide, marble floor, two stories high, mirrored walls. Maybe its a 5 star emergency shelter in another life?

Anyhoo, we arrived at the park. In the distance we could see huge artificial trees. But first we had to cross Dragonfly Lake, with its enormous dragonfly sculptures. The trees are made out of metal pipes and are arranged in a grove. Each tree is covered in vegetation. In the centre is the tallest tree – it has a restaurant up near the top. Three of the smaller trees are connected by a bright yellow arial walkway – sort of a canopy walk. We took the elevator up and marvelled at the view out over the park and the city. Up close we could see how all the plants were attached and watered – the whole structure is quite the engineering feat.

Off in the distance we could see the Marina Sands hotel, the garden domes and a huge statue of a baby laying on the lawn.

Here are some pictures and I’ll continue about the garden domes in my next post.

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