In the Cloud Forest

Amazing stop number three at the Gardens by the Bay was the Cloud Forest Dome. When the doors opened we almost were blown back by the huge gust of cool damp air. We were facing a seven story mountain, covered in plants, from which waterfalls. All this under glass. It was so surprising! The idea of this dome was to replicate the cloud forest and the mountain before us was planted with the appropriate flora. We took an elevator to the top, where there were ponds and pitcher plants. A terrific view out over the park and the city in general. Besides the waterfalls pouring off the mountain there were big walkways shooting out from the sides, allowing us to walk out, several stories up, and look back at the mountain.

As we worked our way down the mountain the vegetation changed, and inside the mountain was a display about crystals – like being in a cave. Everywhere were orchids and flowering plants. And it was deliciously cool and damp – a real pleasure to be in. After days of tremendous heat and humidity it was a relief to actually feel a little bit chilled.

Once we left the park it was off to see yet another wonder – a hotel…

Author: Sharon

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