And best layed plans, yadda yadda

First up – we’re having a great time. Malta was hot and fun and interesting. Sicily has been hot until the rain blew in last night. Tonight we are in Piazza Armerina, swathed in fog and light rain. Still warmish, though.

We dropped Nan and Greg at the Catania airport noonish and switched cars. The cars deserve an entire post of their own (with pictures), but let it suffice to say that we went from the lap of luxury this morning to what may be classified as a clown car this afternoon! It got the job done and we are here.

We never did find the internet cafe in our town in Malta, and didn’t see one in Syracusa, either. My netbook refuses to turn on, so I may be hooped even if we find wi-fi. Tonight’s bed and breakfast has a computer we can use – although the Italian keyboard is a challenge! (I keep losing the @ symbol!) But I’ll keep trying – pictures may have to wait.

It is only 5:30 pm, which is insanely early to consider dinner in these parts. But I’m hungry! I feel like we’ve driven across half of Sicily today and I’m ready. Besides, we want to try pasta alla Norma, so out into the fog we go!

Until later!!!!

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