This is what happens….

When Someone has a birthday that coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It begins with cards and the singing of Happy Birthday. Then – out come the pirate hats while during the post brunch visit to the frog prince at The Chalet in Deep Cove:wilf birthday chalet

As the day progresses there are the so necessary pirate jokes, including:

What’s a pirate’s favorite inert gas? Arrrgon!

What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of sock? Arrrrgyle!

What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of cheese? Havarrrrti!

Soon enough comes cake:

wal birthday cake

And just in time, too, ‘cause this rascally fellow wanted some cake!

wal birthday pirate

Happy birthday, sweetie! And many thanks to Martine for making it fun!

Author: Sharon

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