Malta is cool!

Well, actually its pretty neat. But not cool – it is hot! Whew! I can’t imagine being there in the summer. But – lots to see. We stayed in the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Backing up a bit, Wilf and I flew from Victoria to Frankfurt, where we met up with our friends Nan and Greg. From there we flew to Malta. Greg had arranged an apartment rental for us – we had a great place right on the main street into town, short walk down and around the corner to the port.


All along the harbour are fish restaurants. We were impressed by the wide marble esplanade along the shore until we saw it in action on Monday morning – not for the convenience of the tourists strolling by,  it is actually a place for the fishermen to lay out their nets for inspection and repair.

We arrived on a Saturday, and clearly Saturday night is the night to be in town. Everyone was all dressed up for a night out – we were lucky to get a table. Having a table on the walkway meant we had front row seats for the parade of legs and cleavage that went by – wow! I don’t have any pictures from Saturday night – you’ll have to make do with Sunday morning, instead!


Being based in Marsaxlokk was convenient – close to the airport and we could take the bus to Valletta. For further excursions we rented a car. As Malta was under British control for a long time they drive on the left of the road – fortunately for us Greg is Australian and took control of the driving. Good thing – it was rather a combination of crazy Italian driving, on the wrong side of the road with lots and lots of roundabouts thrown in. Greg remained calm, cool and collected throughout, leaving the rest of us to cringe at the antics of the drivers around us.

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