Horses – check. Pipers – check. We have a parade!

Bigfork, Montana is such a cute little town. We’ve been coming here since about 1968. Probably some 300 people lived here then. Geography has not allowed for much expansion of the original town, which has meant that it retains its small town character. The town is a tourist destination, and the tiny little main street has many interesting shops and restaurants to tempt visitors. Lots more people live in Bigfork and the Bigfork area now, but its still a sleepy town in the winter and it bustles all summer long.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a small town Fourth of July parade this is the place to be. Having a parade here does pose some challenges, though.Grand Drive comes down the hill from the highway and along the bay. It meets Electric Avenue, requiring a right hand turn. Electric Avenue goes along for a bit before it meets a small one way bridge that carries traffic over the river and back up to the highway. The one way bridge can’t handle heavy traffic. This set up makes for two challenges – negotiating the right hand turn at Electric Avenue and the pile up by the bridge as the heavy trucks wait for the parade to end so they can turn around and come back – sort of a two for the price of one parade!

This year was warm but overcast so we neither baked in the sun nor shivered while clutching coffee cups. It was a big cheerful crowd, decked out in red, white and blue.


Jul 04 2010 004

Every year the newest acquisition of the fire department is featured prominently in the festivities. We noted that the new ladder truck. with ‘105 foot ladder’ written right on the side, is passing probably the only building in town taller than two stories – two stories and a roof garden. But if someone builds something tall – they’re ready!

Jul 04 2010 008

The young ladies from Bigfork High strut their stuff.

Jul 04 2010 010

As promised – pipers!

Jul 04 2010 017

And horses! Last year the local tea party gang had an entry in the parade. And they managed to spell Independence wrong. And their float was being pulled by a Japanese made truck. There was an interesting message in all that, but we stayed out of it.

And then there’s Superman!


He was back this year, and he brought his friends:

wonder woman


(note the web spinner action!)

Another year, another parade, another fun celebration!

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