Are there bees in the garage?

Nope – just a helicopter….


A teeny, tiny helicopter that sounds like a swarm of bees….

Jul 02 2010 005

And yes, there are two airplanes hanging from the ceiling. And a set of golf clubs on standby.

Jul 02 2010 002

On rainy, windy days the garage becomes a flying field – Mike, Bill and Dad take turns flying the helicopter. There are an assortment of other craft waiting for the weather to turn – airplanes, floatplanes, other helicopters – all at the ready.

I was looking around the living room the other day and started an inventory of the electronic toys. There are six of us here and we have amongst us:

2 laptops

3 netbooks

2 Internet tablets

5 regular cell phones

1 Blackberry

2 IPod Touch

1 IPod

1 IPod Nano

1 IPod Shuffle

2 mp3 players

6 digital cameras

1 handheld GPS/Nav system

and, a partridge in a pear tree….

Needless to say there is a wireless network in the house – with two routers for maximum coverage. And then there are all the headsets/headphones, chargers and connection cords and cards and so on that accompany all this.

As part of the Stoneman air fleet there also various airplane parts or parts of control systems about. And my knitting projects. And then there’s the books! Every body arrived with books to read and to swap.

Any wonder we fall into bed exhausted every night?

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