Progress and waiting.

Week 10 of the project begins tomorrow. This past week there was quite a bit of activity – measuring for glass and granite, installation of the cabinet, electrical work and painting. The bathtub is still in the dining room, but the plumbers are coming tomorrow, we’re told, so perhaps that will change.


Excuse the cupboard door in the shower – fresh coat of paint is drying. . . The tiles need to be sealed, and the tub is to be installed along with the tap set and the shower fixtures.


The granite guys are working on the counter top, then the backsplash can go on. The mirror and its frame are in the bedroom, waiting their turn. We went into Victoria on Friday and looked at light fixtures – that is an outstanding task. And somewhere along the way there is a toilet to be installed.

We’re having a run of beautiful Fall weather – sunny and bright with that clear golden light that comes in the Autumn. I made pear-ginger jam from pears from Kristin’s tree and there are enough pears left over for a batch of pear ginger scones. I’m still working on the best scones ever – fortunately I have a willing guinea pig here at the house who will cheerfully polish off all experiments!

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