Behold – the bionic finger!

Oh, wait. That’s not right….


Ummmm – behold armor for quilters! That’s better. I’ve been working away on my entry for the Sidney Fine Art Show. Many hours of stitching, as the quilt continued to say more, more, more – you can see some of the result in the background. I finally acquired an underthimble to try and spare my poor hamburger like index finger. I wasn’t sure that it a) would stick and b) I’d be able to sense the needle coming through the fabric. Wrong on both counts. In fact the adhesive really really hangs in there – I’m not sure I’ll have any fingerprints left after all this… And I could tell that the needle was through, so all was well.

I got my entry completed – even early, for me. No last minute panic, late nights and last minute dash to beat the clock for the adjudication process. Not that I didn’t put in a lot of hours this week. Perhaps by the end of the week I’ll hear if it was accepted.

There’s been a bit of hurry up and wait with the bathroom project – Alberto ran out of one tile, and when the next batch arrived it didn’t match. That set things back a bit, but the proper tile arrived this past week and Michelle came along to finish the job. Rumour has it that the new cabinet will be delivered tomorrow.

After some decidedly Fall like temperatures and rain this past week Summer (sweet Summer) has made a return visit this weekend. And my Fall crocuses are up!


Colchicum Giant – in the spring the leaves come up – large and strappy. They die back and then one day in the Fall there are these big crocus like flowers standing by themselves in the garden. They naturalize very well and left to their own devices make big drifts of purple. They’re actually a form of lily, not a true crocus. Some years the rains come and beat them down, but this year I’m able to enjoy them in the sunshine.

It is also the time of year for spiders. I’ll just pass over the big wolf spiders that wander through the house, at their peril. Yesterday morning I looked out the kitchen window and had quite a start:


Yep, right in front of the screen this huge spider has spun a huge web. There are spiders and webs everywhere outside – walking in the yard is a rather sticky experience. As long as they stay outside we sort of get along….

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