There. No one can accuse me of burying the lead on this item! I’ll stop shouting now…

Back in January I was thinking about goals for the year. I’ve had the Sidney Fine Art Show in my sights for some time. And I know that the goal ‘Get into the Fine Art Show’ isn’t a realistic one – who knows who the jurors will be or what their criteria will be. I did set myself the goal of  having  a strong piece to enter into the show. Not just the most recently completed piece, not the one that was just good enough. And I was pleased that I accomplished that goal. I have another piece that is good, but not big enough. And a third one that has problems and has since been disassembled for further consideration.

But actually being accepted? Woohoo – whipped cream with a cherry on top time, folks.

I don’t know what the boundaries are around showing work in advance of the show, so I think I’ll wait on posting a picture. However, this is part of on ongoing series, so I’ll show you the first one I did and entered into the Victoria Quilters’ Guild show last year.

IMGP0446 002

Yeah, complete with my toes at the bottom!

p.s. granite counter top arrived today – its gorgeous!

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