Back in the saddle again…

Oops – sorry about that. I stepped away for a bit and forgot to come back. But I do feel like I’ve got my mojo back. I completed the ‘Isotaupe’ quilt top that I was working on in Montana. I’m still thinking about the quilting of it. I swore I was never going to machine quilt another queen sized quilt. But……

I guess all that sewing and time in my sewing room helped me get over that ‘them bones, them bones, them dry dry bones’ feeling. I pulled out a smallish piece that I put together in the spring – it is ready to be quilted and I’m ready to get stitching. I plan to enter it in the Sidney Fine Art show. And other ideas are flowing.



Author: Sharon

I like to make things. I like to travel. I like to talk about what I'm up to.

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