Oh, brother

My brother Bill has a Facebook account, but he never uses it, hasn’t even put in a profile picture. Maybe he’s really busy, but I think he’s just shy. In my role as big sister I though I’d help out. I therefore present to you a picture of my youngest brother Bill:


Well, the back end of him, at least. This is from last summer when there was a project under way to get the pumps under the Bigfork house sorted out. He spent a lot of time under the house, for which he should get a gold star (you know, spiders and things) and now things are working as they should.

Now, I wouldn’t want my other brother Mike to feel left out, so I have a picture of him, too:


This is also from last summer – Wilf on the left, Mike on the right. And, no, they are not trying out for a Captain Morgan’s rum ad. They are building a little inushtuk  I mean inukshuk by the side of the walk. As fast as they build them other people knock them over (why, people) but there is an unlimited supply of building material, so they persevere.

And yes, I recognize that posting pictures of other people’s butts on the Internet leaves me open to retaliatory measures. I have a classic picture of myself back at home – I’ll post it when I get back there – I promise!

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