Reno underway

Wilf and I decided that it was time to do something about the master bathroom. It is a nice big room, with lots of light. Those two big windows do mean that it is pretty chilly in the winter, though. And the tub is too big, the shower too small. We spent the spring researching and interviewing contractors. Just before we went to Montana we signed the contract with MAC renovations. 

The Monday after we returned from Montana they began and we went from:


the shower as it was. And after the first day:


The tub as it was:


and after the first day:


Wilf provides a little comic relief:


We’re now at the end of the second week – plumbing roughed in, drywall done, tub enclosure built, electrical roughed in. I think the work begins on the heated floor next week.

Author: Sharon

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