Things seem bigger here

Food wise, at least. We set off on a trek across the Central Business District of Auckland to find Brothers Brewing. Which we did. And it was wing night. $1.00 per wing. We ordered a dozen – seemed like a logical decision.

We got to talking to our table mates and time passed. And then the proprietor came out with two huge platters. Turns out when they say wings they mean the whole dang thing. We were rather taken aback, but tucked in. It felt like we each ate the equivalent an entire chicken. And it was rather a wrestling match top get them apart. When we left we mentioned to the bar man that in North America a chicken wing is just part of the wing – the tip gets discarded and the two segments are each sold separately. He got a far away look in his eyes and he said ‘Good to know..’ So – we apologize to folks if the wings just got more expensive.

In all the chicken and beer mayhem I forgot to take a picture, though.

Next day we stopped at another brew pub and they had New Zealand green lipped mussels on the menu. Let’s share a plate as a little snack of a local delicacy. This is what showed up:

They were good but OMG – huge. First huge chickens, now huge mussels. Seems to be a theme. Don’t get me started on the toast at breakfast! And we have been scarfing down the giant toasts at breakfast because the butter here is the best we’ve ever had.

Nice eggs, eh? Folks down here like to put an egg on almost everything.

Why yes, that is a chicken Caesar salad. With a poached egg on top.

I’m sure you’ll all be comforted to know that we aren’t going hungry – we’re working our way through as much of the local specialities as we can. I’ll report back later on adventures in pie land.

And to finish for now – Auckland past and present…

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