The not so urban part of our trip

As I’ve mentioned Ishigaki is a small island. Things are pretty quiet in the day time but things really pick up at night. I think this is because during the day everyone is out enjoying the island. There certainly is infrastructure in place for lots of tourists, though it is quietish at this point in the season. Seems plenty hot to us. And windy! There is a typhoon heading for the Philippines and we’re getting the windy edge of it.

We knew we wouldn’t be putting in the miles walking around Ishigaki – not like in Osaka and Tokyo. Wilf had done some checking before we left and booked us one tour. Tried to book a kayaking tour, but got a message back to his inquiry that said ‘We only speak Japanese’. Okay, then.

On our first full day we wandered over to the tourist office at the port and asked if there were any kayaking tours we could take. First issue was – they call kayaking canoeing. But we got that sorted. And the answer is yes – they can pick you up in 15 minutes. Well, why not, said we.

And that is how we found ourselves kayaking up a river to see the mangroves with a tour company that only speaks Japanese. Good thing we know how to kayak. There were several young couples and a group of four ladies of a certain age (I’m going to have to stop saying that as I’m getting dangerously close to that age, whatever it is). None of whom had kayaked before and spent some time going around in circles.

It was about a two hour excursion – enough to be entertaining but not so much that we hurt ourselves.

Rafted up under the trees to have something pointed out to us. The leader spoke a bit of English so he could give us a bit of an idea what we were looking at. It was very interesting to be in under the trees, to see the birds.

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