It’s complicated

I’m not sure what to say about South Africa. It’s very old country. It’s a very young country. It has deep wounds. And huge potential. But that potential, for most people will not be realized.

And then there’s the water situation in Cape Town – a city of 4 million and they are weeks away from running out of water. And the distrust of the government is so great that many people don’t believe that there is a problem. I don’t think I would want to be here when the water stops – apparently there are plans to set up water distribution points through the city but it boggles the mind to think of how that would work.

Against the back ground of the water crisis there is the city, which is lovely. Table mountain rises up behind the city, often draped in a tablecloth of fog.

(It is mist rolling down the mountain in the morning that keeps things looking green in spite of the drought. Mist that ever quite becomes rain)

We stayed at the Table Bay Hotel – probably the most beautiful hotel we’ve ever stayed at. It was a great place to catch our breathe after two overnight flights. The mall next door had a restaurant with great Japanese food

And since politics is rarely far from hand – the display from a nearby bookstore.

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