Best laid plans….

On board the Insignia we have an area called the Artist’s Loft. Suzanne Stohl is the artist in residence and on ‘at sea’ days she presents various classes. Her media is coloured pencils, and in a past life she was a trainer in the corporate world. That means her classes are incredibly well designed and delivered, as well as being fun. As an example for one of her classes she had this drawing of a lemur.

Pretty great, huh?

Suzanne’s picture is, unfortunately, as close as we’re going to get to a lemur. We were scheduled to stop in Madagascar and take a tour to a nature preserve to see some lemurs. Sounded like fun – involved boats and landing on a beach and cute critters. But one thing we’ve learned about cruising is that not much is for sure for sure. We left Mozambique for a two day ride up the Mozambique Channel. It was windy and the current was strong. We could feel the engines working hard. But apparently it wasn’t enough and it became apparent yesterday that we would be so late arriving at Nosy Bey that there wouldn’t be time to get ashore, toured and back on board in time to head off to Tanzania. So – too bad about Madagascar and onward. The good news is that the wind and current have eased and the ocean is like a big bathtub. And we’re not having to pound along. The staff and crew put together a program for an extra at sea day very quickly.

it’s sort of like having a vacation in the middle of our vacation.

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