Gotta catch em all

If there’s an aquarium in a city that we are visiting – we are there. I mean, really – what’s better than the cool blue light and fantastic sea life.

This tank is full of all kinds of rays – manta rays, sting rays, big, small all sorts. We were able to sit on the floor and watch them sail by. Most people were very busy taking selfies and not looking at the sea life.


And yes, that frog really is that blue. And very poisonous !
There was a special exhibit at the aquarium – a Pokemon research project. Although we know nothing about the game, admission was included so in we went. And we were there when the big guy himself appeared:


And at the end of the game we answered our questions correctly, or correctly enough and we each received a hat:


Which we proceeded to wear for the rest of the day.



Once again, Sharon and Wilf amusing the locals. (But really, people wanted to know how we got them! Before we got back to the subway we found some random little kids who seemed happy to have them)


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