I seem to have lost Friday

Travel across the dateline is disorienting enough, but I can usually get my head around the concept. Flying to Hong Kong turned out to be more confusing than usual. We started off from Victoria on a 10:00 flight to Vancouver. Instead of leaving for the next leg at 1:00 pm delays to the inbound flight meant we didn’t get airborne until about 6:00 pm. It did mean that we had a leisurely time at the airport – we even took the time to enjoy the art displays that we usually race past.

The original plan had us arriving around 7:00 pm, giving us time to get to our hotel, hit the nearby night market for a snack before bed time. Instead we had a 14 hour flight that arrived just at midnight, putting us at our hotel around 1:30 am on Saturday. So much for Friday – it vanished into a travel black hole. Turns out the night market was still in full swing, but we decided to give it a pass.

Being the determined tourists that we are we were up and out early Saturday morn after a few hours of sleep- after all the sights weren’t going to see themselves!  I’ll leave you with a shot of us up on the Peak, enjoying the view out over the city.

Author: Sharon

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