And that’s a wrap, folks

Well it’s been 30 days.

We have travelled by train, tram, subway, bus, funicular, cable car, ferry, chair lift, bicycle and ferry.
We have stayed in 11 towns or sites, at 8 hotels (7 hotels and 1 ryokan), 2 guest houses and 1 monastery.
We took two bike trips, visited two aquariums and I don’t know how many shrines, temples and castles.
We have climbed so many steps that we have a new appreciation and fondness for our knees.
We have eaten all the things and enjoyed pretty much all of it.
We met so many wonderful, friendly, kind and interesting people. We have been treated with nothing but kindness.
We spent our last morning just wandering the streets of Shibuya and Harajuko, enjoying not having a plan.
And we finished up with a bowl of wonderful porky pork tonkatsu ramen


Wilf did a brilliant job of planning our portion of the trip, and Sayuri-san and the Niimi folks made the first week memorable.
And thank you to everyone who has commented and sent notes- it is good to know I’m not talking to myself!
Now it’s time to go home! Sayonara, Japan


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