In which Wilf rampages through the fish market.

It’s Sunday morning in Osaka. The morning after Hallowe’en. We decided to head down to the big shopping area to see the sights and maybe try some of the food. 
9:30 and the place is already humming. I’ll let you ponder upon the speciality of the shop on the left.
It may be 9:30 in the morning but people are lining up at a one of the many stands selling takoyaki – octopus balls. Chopped octopus in batter cooked in a metal griddle that makes them round. Hometown favourite.
Meanwhile, in the arcaded shopping area there’s a huge lineup waiting for the Disney store to open.


We wandered around for an hour or two and found our way to the fish market. This is not a wholesale market – this is fresh fish and seafood to be eaten right there or taken home. It was noonish and getting busy and food was cooking all around us.
And then Wilf spotted:
Little octopuses on sticks!
One octopus and a skewer of three scallops.
‘Let’s find a table’, says I, turning to find:


Well then, never mind the table.
I went to buy tempura, and by the time I had my bag of goodies we had to sit down right now for tuna sushi.


See the bluefin tuna head on the counter? He was a big fish. He was delicious.
So, tuna and beer taken care of. Bag of tempura dispatched. The crowds have thinned a bit as we’re walking along. And then:
Grilled oysters!



Lots of delicious seafood!
After mowing through an octopus, scallops, oysters, tempura and tuna sushi it was time for someone to have a nap!





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