I didn’t know you could train cattle…

Not only did we arrive in Niimi in time for the Samurai festival, on Saturday there was a huge farmers market at the Japan Agricultural office 1 block from our hotel. Needless to say we were all over it!

This is beef country so it was all about the local speciality Chiya wagyu beef – on the hoof and on the grill.
These gals are selling pastries stuffed with curried beef – cooked in a press so they have a cattle shape to them. Yum!
Beef on the spit!


Beef on skewers.


Squid on a stick.

Fiona found the guy making crepes (with bananas and blueberry sauce)
As we wandered about people were giving us all kinds of things to try – usually some variant on beef but what’s wrong with that? Nothing!
As we have been moving around Niimi we have seen several pictures and statues of cattle standing on a small wooden stool. Seemed kind of strange,  but it turns out to be a thing and at 11:30 we got a demo.
A group of students from the local agricultural school brought out a very lovely steer and proceeded to put it through its paces.
One guy had the rope but all the others crouched down and coaxed the animal.  It looked at them for a long time, but eventually did it. And was rewarded with a treat, just like a dog. Frankly I always thought cattle were to stupid to train, but apparently I was mistaken.







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