The adventure begins in Bangkok

Wilf and I are off on another big adventure and it all starts in Bangkok. We flew half way around the world via Hong Kong, leaving home mid-day on Saturday and arriving at our hotel midnight on Sunday. It seemed pretty darn hot even at midnight and there were people about and food stalls open on the street. But by the light of day everything was kicked up several notches.

Holy cow is it hot here! Hot like nothing I’ve ever experienced. So if we look shiny, redfaced and sweaty in our pictures – we are. But – hot or not, there is a city that needs to be seen and so off we went.

The river is the heart of the city, so to the river we went. One of iconic sights of Bangkok is the Wat Arun temple, on the other side of the river. No problem – a 5 cent ferry boat took us across. Wat Arun glitters in the sun, but it is not golden. The surface is completely covered in ceramics that came from China as ship ballast. In some places it is broken and re-assembled mosaic style, but other times whole plates and bowls are used.

It is possible to climb way up the main structure, but watching people come back down the steps backward like coming down a ladder made us think – eh, maybe not. Discretion being the better part of valour, after all – especially in the hot sun.

I’ll leave you for now with some pictures of the temple and the river. Next up – some Buddhas, perhaps?

Author: Sharon

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