Christmas Letter, 2012

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2012 was another busy year, a year filled with happiness and sadness. Sadness came when Wilf’s mother, Evelyn, passed away on Christmas Day, 2011. She wished her caregivers a Merry Christmas, laid down for a nap, and passed away in her sleep. She was coming up on her 99th birthday and, while her health had been declining, she was still doing well and was happy to visit often with her family. In May, Wilf and Sharon’s family members gathered for a memorial service and internment ceremony in Winnipeg, remembering Evelyn and sharing our memories of her.

When we wrote to you last Christmas we had just completed a cruise from Chile to Argentina. We stayed on for several weeks in the fascinating city of Buenos Aires, enjoying summer south of the equator. Shortly after we returned to the northern winter we flew off to Hawaii to spend some time with Sharon’s parents.

During the growing season (you know – February through November) we tackled a couple of major outdoor projects, and tried to keep ahead of the ever voracious deer. So far we continue to keep ahead of them, but it requires constant vigilance.

We took our yearly trip to Montana – this time we went later in July than we usually do and we found the sweet spot of hot sunny weather. Sharon took the opportunity to take a week long quilting course in Kalispell, and invited her quilting buddies Nan and Lisa to join her. This made for an interesting week, with three hyped up quilters whirling through the house! Wilf took the opportunity to get in some fly fishing.

2012 was the year we made our return to Japan. We had such a good time on our trip in 2009 that we knew a return trip would happen. This time we visited Tokyo again, but spent most of our time on the southern island of Kyushu and again we had a wonderful time. We visited a volcano, had ourselves buried in volcano heated sand on a beach, visited a hot spring spa, went to a sumo wrestling tournament and ate a wide variety of interesting, strange and delicious things.

This year Sharon’s brother Bill, her brother Mike and sister-in-law Christine will be spending Christmas in Victoria with us, and with Sharon’s parents, Joan and Doug. We are grateful that we will be able to celebrate the season together. We hope that you have been well in 2012 and that 2013 brings you joy.

With love,

Wilf and Sharon

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