Well Howdy, ya’ll!

When we were waiting for our flight to Vegas we noticed a person in the waiting area wearing a jacket covered in NASCAR emblems. Considering that Victoria is not a hotbed of NASCAR activity that was noteworthy. When there were half a dozen people so dressed by flight time – that was unusual. Until the flight crew welcomed everyone who was heading for Race Week. Yes – we are in Vegas during the yearly NASCAR event held at the Las Vegas raceway. They are expecting 150,000 people at the event over the weekend. Lot of good old boys around here, I’m just saying.

Last night we went to the Monte Carlo Casino – they have a nice pub there. Turns out some race drivers were there signing autographs. You should have seen the lineup! Crazy. Fortunately folks weren’t sticking around so we had no trouble getting a spot at the bar.

The other thing we did was visit good old boy central, also know as the Bass Pro Shop. And in honour of the NASCAR event there were, of course, cars in the store:


But not before you are faced with these guys:


Yep, wrestling ungulates at the front door.

Over in the fishing session:


Schools of tuna. And a shark.



and of course an indoor shooting range.

The whole store is stuck onto the side of the Silverton Casino, so one is never far from the slots!

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