Wetting a line….

Wilf has been wanting to catch a fish on a fly line in Hawaii. Neither Kauai nor the Big Island presented appropriate conditions for fly fishing from shore. But Wilf had heard rumour that on Oahu there were flats where bonefish could be found. In fact, he got talking to Lester at the Lakestream Fly Fishing shop in Whitefish,Montana, and discovered that there were bonefish to be caught right in Honolulu.

Armed with advice from Lester we set out to find the beach on the back side of Diamond Head. It turns out that the main beach bus from Waikiki delivered us to the beach we were looking for. It is not a swimming beach, but there were spear fishers and divers poking around in the shallows. Out near the surf break we could see a man casting – was it Lester? A few exchanges of phone calls and we had a date with Lester, who spends his winters here in Hawaii.

Yesterday we went for a test – it was a lovely calm day and Wilf got himself ready to go:


He spent several hours wading and casting, but no fish put in an appearance.

And not to worry about me- I’ve got a great spot to watch from, along with my book and my knitting!


This morning Lester met us at the park and the guys set out to see what they could find:

IMGP2930 IMGP2931 IMGP2925 IMGP2927

Notice Diamond Head in the background!

Wilf had a bonefish on the line but lost it in the coral – but he did catch a mongoose fish. All in all it was a fun introduction to Hawaiian bonefishig.

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