That was fast…

Its been three weeks since we got home – how’d that happen? I’m sitting here, looking at pictures, reading about Picasa web albums. And when I look at our pictures, especially those from Malta it is hard to believe that it was so hot there. Back here in the northern rain forest it is a festival of damp drippy foggy grey. Not so much with the rain. But wet, nontheless. In fact, look what I saw growing out of the gravel at the top of our driveway:


Nope – not a pinecone. A mushroom of some sort, about 4” tall. And don’t even get me started on the moss situation around here.

So – a quiet Sunday afternoon with a hot drink and a several hundred photos. Let’s see what I have to say about them.

Author: Sharon

I like to make things. I like to travel. I like to talk about what I'm up to.

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