If you go far enough West – you wind up East

And that’s what we’re going to do. Wilf and I are going to make the long desired (by me at least) trip to Japan. Only one more sleep and I’m very excited! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan – it seems like a country of such amazing contrasts, of serenity and vibrancy, of elegance and the poppiest of pop culture and so much more.

Usually when we plan a trip like this we book some sort of an escorted tour. Not this time – we’re just going. Wilf has booked hotels for us and we have a half day tour of Tokyo to try  and get the layout of the city fixed in our minds. Other than that – we’re going to wing it!

I took advice from Mike and Chris, my globe trotting brother and sister-in-law. They travel for long stretches with a wheeled 20” carry on suitcase. Chris says one of the secrets is one pair of shoes. Shoes are usually my downfall. But, taking her tips into consideration and visiting Mountain Equipment Co-op for some comfy travel pants (woven stretch, water and stain repellant) we’re pretty much ready to go.

We’ve loaded the netbook up with all the tools I think we’ll need and all the hotels claim we’ll have Internet access, so – watch this space for further adventures!


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