Does this make it official?


Last night was the ‘Meet the Artist’ night at the Sidney Fine Art Show. The instructions were to show up, but no further instructions were provided. There seemed to be a fairly even split between those artists who where lingering near their work – in case someone had a question  – and those artists who were as far from their work because ACK! someone might ask a question!

I was reading something recently about artist’s statements. It said that artists write a lot about why they make a given piece, and what it means. And most people at shows ask ‘How did you do that?’ That certainly was my experience last night, both in questions I was asked, and in what I overheard.

I like to ask ‘Why did you decide to start this work?’ ‘Did you wind up where you thought you might when you began the work?’ and ‘Is this part of a series or progression of work for you?’

Nosey Parker, that’s me!

Author: Sharon

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