Everything old is new again

My Instagram feed has a lot of sewing content, and lately there have been many rapturous posts with people posting about the new wonder garment, the Shacket. Yes, just what it sounds like – a combination of shirt and jacket. Now those of us who were young during the 1970’s are totally familiar with the concept of the shirt jacket. A piece of outerwear, cut like a shirt but made from a outdoor weight woolen fabric. Probably plaid. Perhaps corduroy was involved.

I submit as evidence the Stoneman family Christmas card for 1972.

That picture would have been taken in October of 1972 when we were visiting family friends in Choteau, Montana.

Being that I’m an Old Person™ I just thought ‘Aren’t those young uns and their shackets cute.’

Then I remembered. In 2018 we were packing up the Stoneman vacation home in Bigfork, Montana. The back hall closet had a whole bunch of utility coats – mostly older things that were used for yard work and such. But way in the back was a red Pendleton shirt jacket. Belonged to my Dad. It was such a nice jacket that I took it home, even though I couldn’t really imagine when I would wear such a thing – maybe in the garden.

I went looking for it and lo and behold!

A windy walk in Sidney – but I was warm in my shacket! We’ve had a lot of Big Weather here lately – you can see where I’m standing the stuff that has been thrown up from the water, across the beach, over the rocks, over the path and onto the lawn….

I guess it just goes to show that if you live long enough everything comes back around again and you can – entirely by accident – be on trend!

Author: Sharon

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