Fourth Time Lucky

This trip included our fourth trip to Singapore. If you had told me some years back that Singapore would become one of my most visited cities/countries I would have been very surprised. And yet, there it is.

One thing we had never managed to do, though, was try Singapore Chili crab. Never seemed to line up. Last year when we were in New Zealand we met Liz P, who lives in London. She was in Singapore in January of this year and when she posted pictures of a crab fest we were all over it!

And so it came to be!

The restaurant is Holy Crab. I checked it out on Google to find the best way to walk from our hotel and saw that they took online reservations. Being a cautious type I of course made us a reservation – after all, a lot of people live in this city. Yes, it is taking me awhile to adjust to the situation on the ground. We found the place with no difficulty. And were greeted by name, being that we were the only customers, let alone the only reservation.

Anticipation. And beer
Satisfaction! Messy but oh so good!

Author: Sharon

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