Goodbye Silver Spirit. Hello Singapore.

And all good things must come to an end. We really enjoyed our time on the Silver Spirit. It certainly was an unusual experience having so few people on board, but we enjoyed a lovely quiet time with interesting shore excursions.

Our stateroom, ready for bedtime.
Looking the other way.
Big closet!
Big bathroom with both a full sized shower and a full sized tub.
We finally got to the jazz club for dinner – great food, great music. I think that was the only restaurant we ate at that was full.

We departed the cruise ship, hopped on the subway and found our way to our hotel. Given the drop in people travelling we were able to check in to The Fullerton Singapore very early. It was built to be the main post office back in the day and is quite a building. We dropped our stuff and headed off to explore our favourite spots.

Orchard Street in front of the Ion Centre. It seems like there is a Louis Vuitton and a Tiffany’s in every corner.

Lunch was at Clarke Quay – beer at Brewrkz.

Back to The Fullerton. Where every time we went in they took our temperature. Walk around the block and come back? ‘Excuse me ma’am, may I take your temperature?’ It was a perfect afternoon for a swim

Floating above the Singapore river.

We had satay at the nearby hawker court then walked back along the bay. When we were here in 2018 the Merlion statue was under renovation so we had to take a look.

Yep, there he is.
Looking the other way at Marina Sands.
The Merlion with our hotel in the background.

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