Where the motorbike is king

Here in Ho Chi Minh City we’ve been told that there are either 13 million residents and 10 million motorbikes, or 10 million people and 8 million motorbikes. Either way that’s a lot of motorbikes. Cars are very expensive to acquire and operate. In the central business district the traffic is heavy, but not mind boggling.

Today is Saturday and we were off on a tour that was about Saigon street food. Our first stop was a local market. Yesterday we went to the central market, which was representative of local food and crafts, but is not where the locals go day to day.

And they’re off.

Around the outside of the market, street side, are food stalls and small restaurants. In a hurry? Just drive right up and pick up your breakfast …

Drive through, market style.

There are parking spaces (paid) on the street side. But why do that when you can just drive right in?

There is a huge variety of delicious looking foodstuffs on offer.

Rice, ranging from 50 cents/kilo to about 1.80/kilo
Festival of dried fish
Not sure if you pay more or less for the potential addition of cigarette ash!

The interior of the market has all manner of household goods, including a big fabric section.

Wilf was trying to take a picture of me but I kept getting distracted.


And no, I didn’t buy any. Local market – no credit cards, no US dollars.

Tomorrow we are going on a tour to learn about Saigon coffee culture. And if you think we’re big on coffee culture in the west coast – ha! Coffee shops everywhere here. Thought the signage for this chain was pretty good…

And the ever present fleet of motorbikes.

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