Sailing an uncertain sea

We’ve been enjoying winter cruises in Southeast Asia and we decided that 2020 was the year to explore the eastern range. Previously we have sailed west from Singapore. This time around we thought we’d try Hong Kong to Singapore. Everything was booked last summer and we’ve had it as something to look forward to ever since.

Then came the corona virus. Could we go? Should we go? While we were pondering what we should do the cruise company changed things up – no more Hong Kong. Instead we are to begin in Manila. After much discussion we decided to continue with our plans and off we went. Flew from Vancouver to Seoul and then on to Manila.

We boarded the ship yesterday. And maybe a bit jet lagged – not at our perkiest. We are on the Silver Spirit, which carries 680 passengers and 420 crew. Last night at dinner we sat out at the pizza restaurant, which looks down onto the pool deck and the grill. We were surprised at how few people were about. This morning at breakfast we were marvelling at how quiet it was – maybe everyone was sleeping in?

Apparently, not so much. Instead of 680 passengers there are 200. We are outnumbered 2 to 1 by the crew. SilverSea is known for its service, but it is truly attentive now! Wilf is referring to this as the ghost ship. No trouble getting restaurant reservations. Want a lounge chair by the pool? Have two. By the end of two weeks we are going to know everyone!

All by himself

I found Wilf this afternoon in sole possession of the whole back deck lounge.

Our first port in Vietnam has been cancelled by the Vietnamese. Don’t know if that is a portent of things to come. But so far we have quiet seas and sunshine, a beautiful ship and lots of peace and quiet.

Author: Sharon

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