Not THAT fish market

Perhaps you’ve been following the news about the main fish market in Tokyo. There has been discussion for years about the market not being big enough or modern enough. The tourists love it, but they get in the way. After years of discussion and planning the wholesale market was moved to a new location at Toyosu, where there is a viewing gallery to keep the tourists off the floor. So – you can still see what is going on but not be down in it all.

However – there is another fish market in Tokyo, the Adachi market. It is only open to the public six times a year – on the second Saturday of odd numbered months. Guess what last Saturday was.

When we arrived the tuna was already being prepared – the big cuts were made and they were working on breaking things down for sale. It is quite a process to see them with the big knives cutting through the fish in one cut, them taking the smaller knives for the finer work. The lineups were huge. Unlike the wholesale market people could buy here and they were. We saw folks going off with fish in their backpacks, or small rolling coolers.

Not quite the variety of the big commercial market, but it was sure fun to be able to get in and get a good look at what was on offer and what people were buying.

Author: Sharon

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