Hello Tokyo!

It is always a pleasure to be in Tokyo. Everything about it is amazing and So Much! Adding to fun this time around is the fact that my brother Bill has joined us for the Tokyo portion of our trip.

I like to start a trip to Tokyo with a visit to Senso-ji Temple. The ancient city of Edo, the predecessor to Tokyo, was founded here on the river bank long long ago. On our previous trips it has always rained – hard – on our visits to the Asakusa district – but not this time!

We started on the roof of the Asakusa Information Centre for the long view. The entrance gate is at the lower left, with a long row of shops leading up to the temple itself.

Kids of all ages!

We pulled our fortunes – if you get a good one you keep it, if not you tie it to a rail to leave the bad fortune behind.

It was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

Because the weather was so nice there were quite a few people in traditional Japanese clothing – just because!

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