No, I didn’t just sneeze on the keyboard.

How about this?
Yes, the famous Icelandic volcano that erupted in 2010 and shut down the air space over Europe. The name that broadcasters the world over had to learn.
I usually try to learn at least a few phrases of the language of countries that we visit. But Icelandic has defeated me.
Consider the list of places that we have visited or viewed so far:
Solheimajokull glacier
Myrdalsjokull ice cap
Svartifoss waterfall
Skaftafellsjokull glacier
Jokulsarlon lagoon
Ljotipollur lake
My spell checker is off whimpering in the corner.
It’s not all long words – we’ve learned thank you (takk takk) and goodbye (bless). And the grand dame of the volcanos – Hekla- shed her cloak of clouds for us when we passed by.


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